Lili Shang

Lili Shang, better known as Auntie Lili, has been an adventurous and curious soul since childhood. And that childhood took her all over the United States, Central America, Northern Africa, and Europe meeting all kinds of people. She never knew a stranger no matter where, or what language, or color or religion. Everything was fascinating.

As an adult, she became a grade school teacher. She also continued her travels in Asia, the Middle East, India, and Australia. In those travels, she met her beloved Chinese Singaporean husband, Wei. It was a match of compatible values, interests, and qualities.

Together Lili and Wei work with others to create materials that reinforce spiritual concepts, values and thinking skills.

Auntie Lili loves teaching, writing, illustrating and prefers to collaborate whenever possible, especially when creating books and things!

“Joy gives us wings!” Auntie Lili’s Books and Things