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At InnerPrize Group, LLC we are improving the world one creation at a time. IPG is dedicated to empowering people to get from can’t to can.

IPG Creations – co-creating and publishing morally inspired books and other learning materials for children of all ages. Two brands:

Mine Rich in Gems “Baha’i Inspired Creations” Here we develop, publish and market explicitly Bahá’í books and learning tools to parents, teachers, families, and friends, to support neighborhood development. While the books, puzzles, coloring pages, activities, etc. are Bahá’í in nature, everyone from all beliefs, cultures, and viewpoints is welcome to be a part of the whole process. Please join us in discussions and sharing ideas, experiences, aspirations and actions related to real community development …with 19 day feasts,  devotional gatherings, study circles, firesides, children’s classes, junior youth groups, and more.  Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – Youtube – Reddit

Auntie Lili’s Books & Things “Joy Gives Us Wings” This is our ‘mainstream’ arm that does not contain explicitly religious material but is inspired by moral teachings. We produce books, coloring books, puzzles, activities, etc. for kids to develop inner strengths to handle tough issues. Some of our stories are based on “Auntie” Lili’s own experience growing up with her parents, grandparents and brothers and cousins, on a worm farm in rural Florida, in the big house on a hill in Pittsburg, or running around the streets of Morocco (where her Dad was stationed when she was in elementary school).

IPG Philanthropy

Volunteer Army – Community Care for Busy Families

Building Green Bridges – Connecting Hearts to Resources

IPG Innovations

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